Pocket Coil
Memory Foam


• 2 Natural Foam Layers (each is 5 cm ) (Latex Foam)
• Qualited With High Quality American Imported Fabrics anti-acarian
• Treated Contain Super Soft Fibers .
• High Quality Super Soft Fibers .
• High Density Foam Box Surrounding The Metal Box .
• Non Wooven Fabrics .
• Pressed Felt Layer .
•  Three Dimension Pocket Coil Box To give Smooth Feeling at The
  Head , the Legs and give Hard Feeling below The Back For Perfect
  Body and Lumbar Support .
• Steel Frame Of High Tensile Carbon Surrounding The Metal Box
  reinforcing Stability Of Mattress .
• Four Self Fabrics With Aero-Valves .




ApproachKnow IT

We aim to achieve customer's satisfaction by defining the level of mattress hardness via determination of length and weight that match user's conformability

ApproachTest IT

And now you have known and test the degree of rigidity that fit your body you can lie down and around on your selected comfort sleep, now u have know.

ApproachKeep IT

All we need is the customer satisfied comfortable approval, and we'll send the mattress to his bed, guarantying the comfort sleep for 20 more years